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best student blogs of 2012 Loughborough University Blogspot woman studyingThe best student blogs of 2012 aims to bring together a selection of blogs that have inspired me or friends, furthered our understanding of the world, bettered our student experience or offered us new ways of seeing university life.

Guardian Student Bloggers

And as 2012 draws to a close what better time is there to bring the best of the best into one place?!

At the start of 2012 The Guardian newspaper began a student blogging program whereby you can submit an idea for a blog entry to their editors and if they like it you are given advice and support in publishing your piece. 

The best blog entries from 2012

There are currently 112 entries all of which vary in usefulness and relevance. Of those we selected thirteen worth a mention!

The blogs themselves cover a vast array of topics including:

  • Accommodation, music, nightclubs, tuition fees
  • Depression, drugs, alcohol, other mental health issues
  • Fashion, shopping, food, obesity, anorexia
  • Revision, plagiarism, all-nighters, deadlines
  • Fees, student unions, politics, riots, marches

Tell us about your own blog

Our criteria for choosing the best blog entries are to do with how closely they align with our website aims – The promotion [of anything] that exists to better the lives of students and further their education… 

So without further ado and in the order they were first published…

The Guardian Student Bloggers

Exams make our hands sore

We spent most of our time writing on computers during our teenage years so why did we have to do all of our exams on laptops? Oddly, given the choice, the vast majority of students preferred a pen over a keyboard!

What do students want in a club?

A lot of students would argue it isn’t where you are that counts, it’s who you are with! But a list of dos and don’ts for any club is an interesting read. How does your favourite Loughborough Club fare?

Could social media ruin your career prospects?

Earlier this year another wave of articles came to light that showed employers were using social media and peoples care-free attitude to posting private content to help them make decisions. Recently Facebook and Twitter have tightened up their security settings so this should be a problem no longer! Make sure your Facebook page is secure and protect your tweets if you are concerned!

The importance of Freshers week

Bristol university considered shortening freshers week but there was a student out-cry and so the plans were shelved. Clearly Freshers week is more than just a bit of fun!

Who helps students with mental health problems?

Universities all across the country are seeing rises in the number of cases of students diagnosed with depression and anxiety. If you are affected by either of those and study at Loughborough, visit our Loughborough Heads Up page!

What can you do with a 2:2? and Why a 2:2 isn’t the end of the world

Some people immediately panic and think their entire degree is wasted or worse still; that they themselves are failures. Take a look at these two articles written from two different viewpoints.

How do you spend your student loan?

We’ve all heard the story of the person who blew their entire loan in one day. There is one on every campus! But should the loans companies take more responsibility for issuing loans? Or should students just learn to manage money better?

Ten things I wish I had known before I started my dissertation

Ten helpful nuggets of information to bear in mind if your dissertation is looming large!

The art of procrastination

‘Students are hard-wired to waste time’ but never fear, there is sound scientific reasoning to explain it and also to help you! Plus heres an e-book I once read that was well worth my time reading.

Surviving an all-nighter and What happens to your body if you don’t sleep

Between them these two articles focus on the best ways to successfully pull an all-nighter while also focusing on the longer term health effects of sleep deprivation

How to treat your brain during revision time

A neuroscience student uses his knowledge to help students memorise information including the importance of sleep, controlling your emotions and taking regular breaks.

Loughborough University BlogspotAnd that concludes the round-up of the best student blog entries of 2012. If you would like to feature on this page or would like us to give your own blog a mention, comment below or send us a message!

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