How To Make Money While At University

How To Make Money While At University

With University fees topping out at £9000 per year and other university costs exceeding £15,000 for the full three or four years it’s no wonder students are asking the question ‘How can I make money while at University?’

University is of course predominantly about studying and taking time to enjoy life and friends. But becoming increasingly common is the notion of using your time at university to make a decent amount of cash and even starting businesses to continue once you leave.

Many students have reported making in excess of £4000 a year while still completing all of their studies and socialising as much as they want in their spare time. That is a considerable amount of money and of course is below the tax band meaning you aren’t required to pay any tax on those earnings. This money can be used to fund your time at university, invest in a start-up company or even to save for a deposit on a future house.

Making money on the side while at university is not as difficult as you may think. It isn’t always about applying for jobs in the city or town like any regular job seeker. The fact that you’re studying full time reduces the pressure to get a job in the first place meaning you can begin searching with a more relaxed attitude, trying new things and being more open minded than usual.

So, to find out how to make money while at university take a look at the following methods below. Each one comes recommended to us by students like you.


Promoter/ Brand Manager

Being a Brand Manager at university is probably the most popular and most frequently sought method of earning money. The concept is very simple!

Once you know which university you will be studying at you can apply to various companies to represent them to your future student buddies. When accepted you are given an hourly wage and usually a whole load of excellent perks simply to promote the brand.

The most popular Brand Manager scheme in the UK is that of Red Bull.

As a Brand Manager you can expect to work just a few hours a week (12 for Red Bull) and will be given lots of promotional material to hand out and pass on. The work is rarely difficult and often rewards you for ingenuity and originality.

If you are interested in opportunities with Red Bull take a look at their opportunities page and fill in a request for information.

For more brand manager opportunities take a look at E4S Student Brand Ambassador Jobs




Work For Your University

This may be such an obvious answer that you have overlooked it too quickly. If not that, then you probably overlooked this opportunity because you felt the competition would be too steep. But this isn’t always a problem!

All universities require staff to fulfill the everyday tasks ranging from basic admin to stewarding, promotion and website content. Students are also sought to run open days, private tours and represent the university at external and internal functions. The pay is often quite good too!!

To find these jobs you should pop down early in your first term to your university’s own careers or jobs office. They will have listings of all available positions and information on how to apply.

One thing to bear in mind with this type of work is that your employer is typically the university itself. Therefore you can expect a stipulation of your employment to be that you act as a good ambassador to the university at all times, whether at work or not. Other than that, go for it! There’s no harm in at least popping down to the careers office for more information.


Make Money Online

Making money online can seem very daunting for people not used to the concept. It’s very easy to make a small amount of money online but making larger and regular sums will require a bit more effort and planning.

There are plenty of opportunities available to you. All it takes is a bit of patience, a small amount of skill and some enthusiasm. Having a large network of friends is also very beneficial but not essential.

For some simple money making ideas take a look at the following short articles here on our own site:

Alongside those methods they are hundreds more including referring your friends to websites, selling on Ebay, filling in surveys, writing articles, writing blog posts and many more.

There are always opportunities to apply for work with us here at The University Blogspot too. If you like what we do here and would like to pitch an idea to us please do! We are always open to suggestions on how we can reach more students and provide more interesting and timely information. Send us a message and you’ll get a quick response!


Do you own your own website?

If you own a website which gets anything from a few to hundreds of hits a day why not consider monetising it with discreet adverts? You’ll notice just below this paragraph is an ad slot which is linked to Google Adsense. Each time someone clicks on these adverts (or sometimes even when they are just seen by someone) they make us money. (We then reinvest this money back into developing the site and supporting our university charity/ rag group) but you could do whatever you want with your earnings! The only problem with Google Adsense is that it’s quite complicated to do!

If you aren’t up for a challenge but still want to earn money through adverts then why not check out Mobicow advertising. Mobicow are a relatively new advertising group to hit the scene and specialise in better looking adverts (when compared to the text based links that Google sometimes offers.) You can sign up for Mobicow and within a few minutes have been accepted and on your way to running adverts on your website or blog. It’s really simple (trust us, we managed it!) and the support is fantastic too if you get stuck. If you have any questions you can of course send us a message too!




Start A Business

If you find the idea of simply making money online a little daunting then you could legitimately be scared at the thought of starting your own business. But let’s at least explore the advantages of starting your own business while still studying.

Starting a business is not as difficult or confusing as it may sound. Starting it at university is a good time to do it as you will have access to careers advisors and many other people who can offer you insight and support. In some cases you may also have access to funding and cash injections from investors.

If you have a brilliant business idea then one of the biggest helps for a start-up is having a moderate following! With a large enough support base you can enjoy a large social media presence plus can expect your business name to travel by word of mouth quickly. Who are these supports? Your fellow students of course.

Some of the business ideas I know that started at university and are still successful include fudge shops, ice cream shops, protein supplements and student job agencies.

If you have a passion for something and have a small amount of capital you can invest in a project then consider taking the plunge! Just don’t forget to prioritise your studies!



Tutoring young adults can be a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience. It also looks excellent on your CV (especially if you are in training to become a teacher!)

You may have heard of people tutoring others and wondered how they got those opportunities. Well it’s not always as simple as just logging on to a website and off you go.

The best tutoring opportunities are organic and come via word of mouth. The best thing to do is to make contacts outside of university and seek opportunities with parents of young adults undertaking revision for examinations or who are struggling with a certain discipline.

You may also find opportunities to teach English or even another language if you are an international student. Tutoring and private teaching can pay very well.

If you’re not sure about making connections organically then you can always fall back on the impersonal websites such as TutorHunt to do the hard work for you!


Internships with Companies

Internships will of course run during the summer time and, if you are successful at getting an opportunity, could change your life!

Finding an internship and then being successfully taken on by the company is usually the hardest part.

There are two major ways of securing internships with companies.

Firstly, search Google for Internship Websites which collate available internships for you, usually into company type and location. This will give you an excellent idea of what is on offer and what is required to apply.

If you already know the type of industry you intend to go into then why not check out the websites of the leading companies in that sector or write to them directly asking about opportunities.

Internships can be great for students, as they will give you an insight into the workings of a company while in return the company can take on a younger member of staff for a limited period.

It is very common to hear of interns being very successful during their internship and to be offered jobs when they finish. Just as common is the recurring opportunity to work for that company on a summertime basis for the years that you are at university.


Useful Links

Here are a few useful websites that might assist you in finding work:

  • StudentGems – For Students seeking temporary work, freelance work and for companies looking to outsource work.
  • StudentJob – For part time jobs and internships
  • E4S – Student Jobs and Summer Work

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  2. I am student from Canada studying from last 1 year so i can understand how important is earning while studying. I used to earn from part time providing coaching to students and creating websites also used to sell old books.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing idea to earn money.Keep posting more informative articles.

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