How To Outsmart The Kik Creeps

Stay One Step Ahead of the Kik Creeps

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application for mobile devices available for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian operating system.¹

Kik Messenger uses a username instead of a phone number which enhances the privacy of the app, above and beyond that of iPhone’s iMessage and Blackberry’s Messenger. As of April 11, 2013, there were a total of 50 million unique members registered.²

With a vast percentage of active users falling between the ages of 13 and 18, many of whom have their face as their profile picture, it is no surprise that ‘Kik creeps’ exist online and actively prowl for innocent victims. But don’t let that scare you.

‘Creeps’ exist unfortunately on all forms of social media platforms but are found in their highest numbers where there is a culture of exchanging pictures or erotic texts, known as sexting.

In this guide I will educate you about ‘creeps’, list the reasons they ‘creep’, show you some of their methods and ultimately teach you how to protect yourself online. Think you know everything already? Stick around – you might just learn something.

If you have any concerns, are worried about an incident or would like to talk to someone in confidence, please jump right to the bottom of this article to the Help Me section for a host of useful links.

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Definition of a Creep

A creep is the unofficial name given to any man or woman (or boy or girl) who deliberately targets persons of the same or opposite gender to initiate conversation in the hope of personal gain, through the means of sexting, picture sharing or even meeting up. A creep will most often use a disguised profile and well rehearsed strategy to obtain the information they want, sometimes resorting to blackmail and scare tactics when unable to.

A creep will use false names, false profile pictures, false information about themselves and fake photos to fool the innocent party into believing they are someone they are not. Once they feel a certain level of trust is established they may then attempt to acquire whatever they want. On Kik, you only need to look through the number of Tumblr advertisements for ‘Kik’ to see how prevalent men asking for nudes is.

Although slightly less common, there are a number of people, often parts of online gangs who target women and men for erotic pictures. Once they acquire the pictures they then use this against you as a form of blackmail. They will delete the images in return for a sum of money! It sounds crazy but it does happen – see here – Blackmail Fraudsters target Webcam Daters

Note that not every guy (or girl) asking for nudes is necessarily a creep who has a more pronounced agenda but do be wary of these people. There is nothing wrong with sharing pictures of yourself so long as you are over the age required for your country and are speaking with someone whom is also above that required age in their country. 

There are few foolproof methods for proving that the person you are talking to is who you think it is. But luckily for you, we have a couple of tricks which we will share with you!



How A Creep Will Attempt To Fool You

screenshot of messenger tagged with word how to outsmart the kik creepsImagine for a moment that you have just posted a message on your Tumblr blog which either features the word Kik or is tagged with the word Kik. All you want is a friendly conversation with your followers. Problem is, your post and any attached pictures and blog links will now appear in a search for Kik too, as well as on your blog.

A creep is most likely to be searching for posts tagged with kik, kik messenger, kik me, kik chat, dirty kik, sexy kik, kik users, kik usernames and a lot more (just type kik into the search bar to see the suggestions if you don’t believe me!)

If your post or any tags contain any of those words anywhere within, they may also show up from a search, even if the words are in a different order.

The creep will note your username and will now add you on Kik. They will most likely have an attractive profile picture – but don’t expect it to be the person you are talking to necessarily. It would be wise to always assume the person in the picture is not who are talking to, until you are proven otherwise.

Lets also presume for a moment this creep has an agenda. He loves to chat up women who are a few years younger than him, some whom are a few years south of 18. Ultimately he wants erotic pictures – a sexy conversation at the very least. A clever creep will not start the conversation by sending you a picture of his privates (this is also very common on Kik!) but will try to accrue trust by being really friendly and complimentary.

Through everything he does he wants to instil a sense of security and trust between you two before eventually enquiring almost lightheartedly whether you would be ‘interested’ in anything erotic. He seems like a nice enough guy – he apparently lives in the same country, is the same age, has a stunning figure, beautiful face and attractive personality. You  couldn’t be blamed for being tempted to engage in something kinky potentially. Hell, he makes it sound like fun!

You feel fine about it. You know there are few ways to check if he is who he says he is, so you try those…


Simple Ways to Check Someone is Who They Say They Are

kik creep picture from gallery black screenFirst you could ask him about his Tumblr (or some other social media profile), which he’ll hopefully give you. From that you can see everything he has told you matches up. There are also more pictures of the same good looking body and face.

Secondly you might ask him for a picture of himself just so you know who you are talking to. When he sends you a picture you can check to see if the picture is sent from his phone ‘camera’ direct or his ‘gallery’ of saved images.

Now you have received a picture direct from his camera of his face matching that of the one on their profile picture and their blog – foolproof right?

(You’ll see in the screenshot the word gallery above the picture – this will change to camera if the image was taken from their camera directly from within the Kik app.)

How possibly could they not be the person they say they are?



How The Creep Evades those Common Checks

Because a genuine creep will do this sort of thing day in and day out, quite successfully, he or she will have their blog and profile information well memorised hence everything matching up. It really isn’t that hard to do!

Secondly the camera and gallery trick! For a creep to send you a photograph from their gallery which ‘appears’ to come direct or in real-time from their phone, they just have to take a picture of a picture.

So for example, I could go into camera mode from within the Kik app and take a picture of someone from on my iPad (who matches the person in my profile!) This way, when I send the photo, it appears to have come direct from my camera and thus making the person I’m talking to believe they are talking to that person live!

I know that sounds easy – it is. You may think you would recognise whether a picture has been taken off of a device or not but it can be incredibly difficult, especially when you aren’t looking for it! So just bear those two things in mind!

A further way recently brought to our attention via the comments below is through an app called Fake Camera. This app allows you to send photos appearing to be from the Camera which are actually from the Gallery. This just goes to prove how unreliable this is as a trustworthy source.


How To Prove Almost Indefinitely Who You Are Talking With

If you are looking for ways to ascertain who you are talking to on Kik you have come to the right section. Below are a couple of methods (there are of course more!) which will assist you. If you are suspicious now about someone you have been talking to, ask them for one of the things below – if they dodge the question or disappear, you might just have your answer!

Firstly you could ask them whether they have an app called SnapChat. Snapchat enables users to send photos and videos to people with a maximum time limit of 10 seconds. Of course, don’t let them just send you a photograph on Snapchat because they will just repeat the method mentioned above of photographing a photograph! Instead, get them to send you a video of themselves! What friendly person worth talking to on Kik wouldn’t be prepared to do that?!

If they don’t have Snapchat, or if you don’t have snapchat you can always employ method two!

Be aware on Snapchat though that images and videos can now be saved using Snapchat Save Apps… make sure anything you send on Snapchat is decent enough that you would be happy for it to be saved – just in case!

If the creep has a number of images of their alias (the person they are pretending to be) then why not ask them for a picture they aren’t likely to have lurking in their gallery. Ask them for a high-five photo, or a picture of them winking, or looking grumpy – anything slightly unusual which will require an actual photo to be taken! Once again, unless they are who they say they are, they are likely to drop you or block you right about now.

Those two methods have proved invaluable for countless people who want the reassurance of knowing who they are talking to!


How Can Creeps Blackmail You?

definition of blackmailing online bullyingCreeps usually resort to simple blackmailing as a last resort for getting what they want. Lets invent a scenario (happened to my friend the other day.)

Lucy is added by a guy on Kik. She gets chatting with the guy for a while, exchanging very superficial details such as tumblr blog titles and names etc.  A little while later the guy asks her for photographs of her body which she declines. The guy then tells her that if she doesn’t send him pictures he is going to post fake pictures of nudes onto the internet and Tumblr, tagged with her Kik username and blog name. Lucy proceeds to panic – she only came on for a friendly chat and now someone is blackmailing her. She deletes the conversation and blocks the man. In her panic she also deletes her precious blog and deactivates her Facebook temporarily in case he has already noticed the profile pictures match.

It may not sound scary but trust me, the feeling that someone has something against you and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to slander your name online is not fun – and there is realistically very little you can do about it. Imagine if this happened once you had sent full body images of yourself naked?

The truth of the matter is is that this creep is likely to just move on to another target. There is nothing further for him to gain from actually going through with his threats. Once you decline and block him there is little chance of him getting what he wants, so he’ll move on.

If you are in a similar situation right now do bear that in mind! Also try to remember just how much information they have about you and consider monitoring your blog if you are concerned.


Advanced Methods for Checking Peoples Images

tineye tin eye reverse image search home page screenshot protecting yourself from online creeps

If you are talking to someone online and want to run a particularly insightful check of their profile image, consider using a reverse image search engine. I personally use TinEye as it can be used on your phone so long as the image you want to search is saved into your gallery. It is very simple to use and the results come back in seconds. Alternatively you could use Googles very own Reverse Image Search (just Google it.)

A reverse image search will show you whether or not an image is being used or hosted elsewhere on the web. If an image has just been taken or is not taken from google images it will come back with zero results. Sometimes you might have ‘similar’ results, none of which match, and that is ok too.

A creep can get round a reverse image search by using pictures of his friends which he knows aren’t online elsewhere. So while zero results is a good sign, it isn’t completely foolproof.

Also, bear in mind that a creep can use the above tool to find out more information about you. Any site where you use that profile image will ping up in the search results. Consider for this reason alone using a new photo for each website containing a profile picture. Also, please note that profile pictures on Facebook are blocked from Google so cannot appear.


Kik Security – The Legal Bit

This is taken directly from the Kik Legal section of their website. I’m just making you aware that Kik does store some information about you. While this may or may not include all the information you Kik people, it could, so just bear this in mind.

The security of your Personal Information is important to us. We use commercially reasonable efforts to store and maintain your Personal Information in a secure environment and have implemented commercially reasonable procedures designed to limit unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your Personal Information. Despite these measures, you should know that Kik cannot fully eliminate security risks associated with Personal Information.


Reporting Someone on Kik

If someone is harassing you on Kik you can report them to the Kik team by contacting them and sending them excerpts of the conversation. The problem is, even if they do suspend that persons account, they cannot stop them making another account so it doesn’t get you anywhere!


Kik Bug Allows Blocked People To Add You To Group Messages

It has come to my attention that there is a bug currently in the Kik app which allows persons who are blocked to still add you into group conversations. There is no fix currently available for this problem. While Kik have been made aware there have been no recent updates to the software.

The only solution I can offer is to minimise the impact of this bug by disabling notifications from non-friends. To do this go to the Kik App Home Page > Notifications > Ignore New People > Off.


Help Me!

Have you done something you regret? Are you freaking out right now? Don’t panic.

The best thing for you to do is to contact someone who won’t judge you for what you have done. It also helps if they are the kind of person who will understand the world of sexting and Kik!

Tell a friend or family member!

If you aren’t able to or don’t feel like contacting someone you know, there are multiple charities that provide free and confidential listening services. Take a look at some of the following links below, or search on google for something relevant to you!

If you are being harassed or are concerned for your safety in any way, do not feel guilty about phoning your local authorities. If you are in the UK you can phone 999 if you think you are in immediate danger, or 101 in some counties to talk to your local police.



The Samaritans


Advice for Parents from the NSPCC

From another country? Search Google for your relevant authorities!


Help Section for Parents

The ‘online’ world can be a confusing and somewhat dangerous place for anyone, let alone young adults. What young people do on their phones is very much a private ordeal and you as a parent may have a number of concerns about what they are doing but are unsure how to approach the subject. A few of the links above may prove useful to you but there are a number of useful books and e-books that are available which a number of readers of this article have suggested (hence their inclusion!)

The following books are not specific to Kik but help address many of the issues surrounding online safety and can prove a lifeline for parents in need of assistance.

A Parents Guide to Online Safety – Published 30th June 2013

Is Your Child Safe Online – Published 30th March 2012


Further Reading:

BBC: Cyber Blackmailers ‘abusing hundreds of UK children’


140 comments on “How To Outsmart The Kik Creeps

  1. samantha

    This information is very helpful! My daughter recently had a similar situation happen to her; a guy claimed to have nude photos of her and was calling her a slut.

    • daniela

      You got that right!!!

    • Alei

      App should be shut down, too many teenagers posting erotic pictures.

      • Rick

        It doesn’t matter what app they ise, they’ll find a new one. What needs to be done is parents need to explain how unsafe and also Illegal sexting is at their age. If they knew that they vould be convicted with Possession of Child Pornography if under 18,they’d be less likely to do it.

      • I think it should be illegal to have a phone or camera at all if you’re under 18. Kids are gonna take nude pics of themselfes no matter what we do. It’s best to take the technology away from them and keep isolated from society until they reach the legale age that the govt said is when teens become competent, which is 18.
        If you want to make the guy seem waaaay worse then change the messages on kik to make him seem like a murderous predator. This youtube video shows you how even if the police and prosecutor compare your phone with his, they will throw his out because he is not the victim. You can literally turn him into a convictable sex offender in 1-2 mins.

      • Jillian

        No they shouldn’t u doof.btw is sexting ILLEAGAL

    • left blank for personal resons

      Ive had some messages from a guy with thename of ‘yoloswag2311′ knowing my first, middle and lastname and where I live. I asked for proof and he gave it. Block this creep please

      • Lunar

        That person’s phone is off or disconnected for awhile now

    • I think I’m talkin 2 a pedo now his user name is mikecon91

    • Faith

      Try having kik “security check” ask a person under 18 for degrading pictures to make sure your profile isn’t “fake”

  2. Hello Samantha. Thanks for your comment! I’m glad this article proved useful to you. Should you have any further queries or feel there is something missing in this article then please feel free to get in touch! Many thanks – Webmaster

    • Lauren

      If you add kik team to a conversation they will leave it

    • Joe

      Hello, I’m writing in to see if you can update and add to this article. Personally, I’ve found that using Googles reverse image search is much more precise. It’s accessed from the desktop version of Most phone browsers will have a setting to display a website as desktop instead of mobile. Once there click the camera icon to the right of the search box to select a picture to search for. Also, the camera vs gallery check is no longer reliable and not because they can take a picture of a picture. The quality of the picture taken that way would be very poor. But there’s now an app called Fake Camera which when selected allows a person to send a gallery saved pic as a camera pic.

      One way I use to ensure the person I’m chatting with is genuine is to request a custom camera pic. For example holding up 3 fingers in front of themselves or something unique like that. Often times the fakes will have excuses like my “camera is broken” as well. I always refuse to speak to anyone or send pics to anyone who can’t or refuses to confirm who they are with custom pics. Sometimes I’ll ask for 2 if I’m still not certain.

      Also, there’s a video for kik app that can integrate with kik so that can be an easier alternative to using snapchat video. And you may also want to add as a note to the use of snapchat that there are snapchat save apps too. Thanks for a good article. I’m going to bookmark it and share it with people I kik if I see they aren’t being safe online.

    • Random

      Hi I met this guy from Instagram and he’s one of my friends cousins and he seemed nice we started talking and we are going out but it’s long distance and he had asked me for a picture of me so I sends it thinking I can trust him but our dating is long distance so I’m scared that if I say I wanna break up he will use the picture against me please help

      • Daniel

        Shut your account and block him hopefully he won’t do anything

    • Daniel

      Thanks for your advice. I know those people were bots but I’m trying to get more info about these bots. This happened to me on kik, this girl/bot first ask how I was doing then started to ask me where I live ( just so you guys know I didn’t give any information about myself ) she sent I picture of herself ( it was fake ) and she ask about my feelings etc. I knew she was a bot because they do the same thing asking you the same questions. They also asked me to go to a website called FaceTimeaccess to watch them and I just pretended to be a cop and they leave me alone or I curse at them and they say sorry I have the wrong person.

    • I had a fake person steel a admins identity and now we had to close the chat room because we can’t get him out what can we do about that

    • Lizzy

      There is this guy who is basically stalking me over Kik. I keep blocking him and blocking him yet he persists to make new accounts and harrasess me. I’m not sure what to do other than block him every time. Help!

  3. Skye

    I recently met a boy on omegle and he keeps adding me to group chats on kik. No matter how many times I leave he adds me right back! This has been happening for a day or two now. I’ve talked to other people in the group and they all have the same problem. He picks fights with everybody. I tried to block him but the adding continues. I don’t see the point. Blocking is supposed to completely erase him!

    • Hi Skye – Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the ability for someone to add you to a group chat on Kik Messenger, despite that person being blocked is a bug on the Kik Messenger platform. KIK are aware and I’m sure are producing a fix which will be released in an update soon. Do check your application updates tab periodically for a release. Other than that, aside from reporting him to the KIK Support Team, there is not a lot you can do.

      Thanks for your comment. If I hear of a release from KIK I will try to remember to let you know! :) – Webmaster

    • Hi Skye, one more thing to add to the above. You are able to turn off notifications for messages that come from people not within your friends list. To do this go onto the Kik App Home Page > Notifications > Ignore New People > Off. Hope that assists you in the meantime

  4. Mark

    Just found out my wife has kik. How do I find info on her?

    • What information in particular are you looking for? Kik doesn’t produce information on other people e.g. you cannot see their usage stats nor friends. If you are simply asking for her username then she will have a unique username of her choice. With that you will be able to add her.

    • Tom Green

      What’s her kik username. I can chat with her, see what her intentions are and let you know.

  5. Chloe

    All I wanna know is why the creeps try to get nudes? Get a fucking life – I bet they all uggggggllllllyyyyy

  6. anonymous


    • demond

      run say something scream hide new kik
      curse her out

    • You should take your hand, make it firm and stiff. Then move it from right to left really quickly, striking your face making a loud clapping noise. If you don’t hear this loud smacking/clapping noise then continue over and over again until you do :)

    • Y do the fuck do u send nudes

  7. Devon

    I’m panicking like crazy, so bad that my stomach kinda hurts. I a pic to a girl and I don’t think they are who they said and I met them on omegle. After I sent it, it said he only saw the pic and the messages afterwards are unseen. Just incase I deleted him, and blocked him etc. I feel like I’m about to puke because of what might happen. Like what if he’s a undercover cop or whatever and reported me and I am now a target for the police!? I don’t really care to much if it just some creep because my face or anything was not in the pic so to them it’s kinda an anonymous pic

    • Person

      I’m pretty scared…a random lady started to kik me she said she was 22 and she wanted to be “naughty” I told her no but she proceeded to send pics anyway…I gave in an sent a pic back she sent more and more…as asks dirty questions….I am afraid that she may be a fake and try to report me I changed my username and blocked them and deleted the convorsation but I am scared none of that worked

      • Mason

        What was the kik name? Ik 4 creeps that do that. It happened to me and if u invite them to an inactive kik user they’ll respond.

  8. Matt rayer

    I sent a pic of myself naked with my face in the pic to a person who said they would swap but now their blackmailing me and saying their going to post the pic online I’m really scared, they are making take pics of my self like my arse or shirtless selfies in the mirror I don’t know what to do cos I don’t think I should delete my account yet cos they’ve probably screenshoted

    • If they do, report it to the police. If you’re under 18 the guy will be charged with sexual exploitation of a minor (next to murder). You’ll most likely be rewarded for taking nude pics of yourself by automatically getting reparation money out of the guy. He will also have to register as a sex offender for most or all of his life making him very likely to eventually commit suicide.
      You can change the messages on kik as well to make him look way worse than he is. Go to . The police will believe your phone, not his, cuz you’re a minor and a victim.

  9. Anonymus

    About 3 days ago a random guy added me on kik, at first he was nice, he didn’t ask anything personal at all, but after he started asking if i was naughty so i replied saying “no” then he asked if i would send him pics again i said “no” because i didn’t even know the guy, after i told him i was not going to send him pictures of myself he told me “if your not going to i will put a fake picture of someone on facebook and tell them it’s you” and said he would put my kik user there aswell, i didn’t share any personal information with him, he only knew i was a female and i was 14. I have been worrying like mad. Do you have any more advice for me, your blog has been very usefull, but i just want advice on what has happened to me. Thank you

    • **Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The University Blogspot disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site.

      Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice.**

      With the disclaimer in mind, I’m sorry to hear you have had a bad experience but I’m glad this article has proved useful to you. If you are worried still I recommend talking to someone you know or whom you trust. From what you have told me it doesn’t sound like this creep can achieve a lot with the information he has. Remember, you can block him of course to prevent further communications. Once he feels he no longer has any control of your actions (e.g. you don’t fear him) he will move on to a new target (unfortunately.)

      If you are panicking because you think you have done something wrong then don’t panic – believe me, you are not the first and wont be the last person who does something similar!

      Hope that goes some way to helping you, and I apologise for the delay in response!


      • Anonymus

        Do you actualy think he will do something tough? I still worry a bit that he will do something, it’s been 3 months now since it happen!
        Do you think he will do something?

      • Yvette

        Some kids at school started a fake acct. to make it look like it’s my 13 year old sons acct. they harass girls & my son is taking all the blame & being bullied for it. What can I do???

      • Hi,just been contacted by a jasmine boniface asking me to join her on crush cam,I refused,how can I stop this happening

  10. Anonymous

    I chatted with this guy and of course I found out he had lied about something so I lied about something as well then be was like oh this is the cops, then I blocked that and I received another message on kik. Same name as the one I had just blocked an same picture (same person in the picture) and then when I confronted him he lied and changed his picture. He’s kinda got me worried with the cop thing tho and I’m not sure it’s true. This article made me feel a tad bit better reading about the creepers, still worried. Should I be?? I’ve seen his fb page too so I know the person is real.

    • Please take note of the disclaimer in the post above before you read the following advice.

      To me it sounds like this person you are talking to is not a cop… the creeps know that by saying they are working for some form of law enforcement that it will induce fear in their target (you!) Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much. Creeps can go to very elaborate lengths to confuse and bewilder their victims, including setting up entire Facebook accounts in someone elses name.

      If you are at all worried about anything, don’t neglect speaking to someone you know and trust who will understand the situation!


  11. sam

    I just sent a face picture and gave him a different name could he find my true identity?

    • Sam ur not alone I do the same thing

  12. I sent a pic of my private not the full thing and a pic of my boobs and now he is dating if I don’t give a full nude to pic he will show people. I reset my kik and made a new one. I’m really panicking right now. Help me!

    • Contact the police. If hes threatening you he can be charged. If you’re under 18 and sent him nude pics or even partials then he will be charged with felonies and have to register as a sex offender for sexual exploitation of a minor, EVEN if you told him you’re over 18. You can even change messages on kik to make it took like he’s a murderous rapist before you turn it into the police. Learn how at . Kik the company and phone companies don’t store kik messenger messages either. If you’re under 18 and you sent him pics, you will most likely be rewarded with reparation money from him as well (thousands of dollars). Its the US justice system. Great isn’t it? Lol

  13. Al

    Okay so I don’t really think I did anything wrong but… I started texting this guy on one of my apps and he asked for my kik username and then on kik he asked me to go out with him and I said no way and blocked him for about a month. Well i recently unblocked him and chatted with him again. He asked for a pic of me and I said no and didnt give him a pic. Then he said he wanted to ….(swear word) me. I shot back i comment (which involved no foul language [something like get a life or i hope u have a not so good life]). I am totally freaking out right now about whether or not this will affect me for high school. They know everyone’s accounts and stuff. PLEASE HELP! Will they count this against me and will i be in trouble?

    • *Please take note of the standard site disclaimer in the comments above*

      The short answer is, no.

      Under no circumstances should your school be able to access your accounts on KIK anyway and even if what you wrote was read by someone it is highly unlikely to cause you any trouble.

      Under the circumstances I would say you have nothing to worry about whatsoever.

      – Webmaster

      • andy

        My friend created this fake account….. just to play with his friends …. he didnt do anything bad like sexting or nude pics we were just playing around the problem is that he used a pic of someone else from google images…. hes so freaked out and its been 60 days at least is this going to affect him and he deleted kik from his phone but he wasnt able to deactivate it since it was a fake email. Help please???!

      • Al

        Thank you so very much. I told my mom and she said I am all good too. Thank you!

  14. pam

    do anyone know who is karma7 .My friend is getting horrible messages from this person and we dont know how to identify him/her .

  15. milanka

    a friend of mine has been harassed by this kik user : catherine_fun

    the user is a girl that starts the conversation saying she is lonely but then she end up asking for photos and when you don’t send her back anything. she says she will photoshop the victims profile photo and put in on Facebook, instagram and porn web sites. she said she has already done this to few girls. she sent a screenshot of an instragram account she made for one of her victims.

    from the conversation :



    • Anon

      The same thing happened to me by the sand user. Went to the police nothing happend. Did find out his name where he’s from ect

    • Adam

      Something very similar to this is happening to a friend of mine. Was this resolved in anyway? Legal action taken?

  16. Ann

    Is there a way that parents can monitor their Childs kik account through receiving every message that they send out or receive?

    • Not that we’re aware of I’m afraid!

      – Webmaster

  17. Daniela

    Im confused on the whole blocking a person subject? Please elaborate :/

  18. Jerart

    i am currently being harrassed by a girl on kik that goes by the kik username:BeccaMichelle1

    A couple of months ago i received a random message from her and began conversating with her. During a very vulnerable time due to the loss of a girlfriend to cancer i made mistakes by exchanging nudes with her and she also learned where i attended school and with that information alone she found me on facebook. I did not allow her to add me on facebook. so we stopped talking for several months. Today around 9 p.m she messaged me asking me for more explicit pictures when i denied her after continuous insisting she sent me a message saying “I want your naked pictures now, If not then your friend will be getting screenshots and pictures. I hope you don’t block me. That won’t really help.” Being stuck between a rock and a hard place i felt obligated and continued with her wishes. I don’t know what to do. Any advice is welcome. Please be careful on what you do regardless when it was. Any feedback would help. Please help.

    • Hello,

      Please note the disclaimer above that no advice offered by myself or anyone else representing this website can be taken as proper legal advice and that we are not responsible for your actions that you may undertake as a result of reading anything found on this website.

      It sounds like you are in a very difficult situation. Firstly, does the person blackmailing you (yes, that’s what this is) possess full images of you including both your face and any private parts? If not, e.g. if the person only has head shots and separate private shots then it would be easier to deny they are your private parts in the event the person did post them online or to your friends.

      But before you start to worry about that there is a slightly larger concern. Do you know who the person is? Are they who they say they are? Could they be a male who is attempting to blackmail you into other things? For example, many online creeps these days will ask for money sent to them to stop them harassing you. If they do this then, while serious, you do then have reason to involve the police plus you will have their bank account details/ Paypal details which will further enable you to locate the person doing it.

      My next thought is, blackmailers and creeps like this get bored very quickly. They often have multiple people ‘on the go’ who they do this with and are unlikely to waste time on someone they don’t think is going to give in to them. Have you tried ignoring them completely for a time to see what they do?

      A further thought which is a worst case scenario type thought is, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ Lets say they do manage to send a friend of yours a compromising picture of you… it’s not a massive deal in the grand scheme of things. (I know it doesn’t feel that way right now but I have been in your position too!) I know it would be hugely embarrassing and potentially awkward but it would blow over and I’m sure an honest conversation with your friend will help sort it out. They will probably laugh but let them, laugh with them if you can! But I’m sure it won’t get to that stage!

      Finally, don’t be ashamed of what you have done, you’re not the first. Don’t be afraid to talk to a friend of yours if you’re worried and don’t forget you can always ring anonymously someone like The Samaritans (UK only) or speak to your parents!

      Please let us know what happened next!

      Regards, Webmaster

    • Jillian

      Y did the fuck u sext her

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  20. please help me
    i sent a picture as a dare to a random guy of my body (with underwear on) and he said that if i don’t send any more he will post them on the internet. i deleted our chat and blocked him but i think he might have saved them, please tell me what i should do! if i tell my parents they’ll be really angry.

    • Marie

      I did the same mistake just a few hours ago. Im at the same pont at you. I dont know what to do. But i dont think my life is in danger. One of my frend sended a naked pic of her brasts to a guy. The guy sended it to everyone and even i got it. But shes okay now and shes not even bullied. Shes happy and lives a good normal life now

  21. Rick

    With all the metadata talk lately I got worried and wondered if kik photos and videos contained such data like my location etc.

    I did a quick google search and read on a blogpost that kik strips all location metadata for you when you send images.

    It was the only article I found on it and was wondering if you had any info.

    • Hi Rick,

      I too have seen information online supporting the theory that Kik does not save or transmit the metadata on images and videos. You could easily test the theory yourself but it looks as though the testing has already been done.

      Hope that helps,

      – Webmaster

      • Rick

        Thanks was just curious because it seemed that you could take all the safe guards you wanted but if you images and video contained geotags it would all be useless.

  22. Bekah

    Help please, I felt bad for this girl on kik who was saying if I was a good friend then I would show her my boobs. So I did, and of course, it was a guy and he said he was gonna expose me. I blocked him immediately. I’m scared.

    • .

      did you delete the conversation? if you didnt, he can still see the conversation. so if you didnt, quickly unblock him, delete the convo and block him again. There’s not much he can do, remember he will probably just get bored and move on to someone else because the picture won’t found you and it can’t bother you. Please dont worry, this happened to me a month ago and nothing has happened so it’s ok<3

      • Bekah

        Thank you so much, i was freaking out.

  23. jasmine brown

    I met a guy on omegle and made a kik to talk to him more. I did everything from my iPod and I created a new email/kik account so he couldn’t stalk me if he was a perv. I sent pics without my face in them, can it still be traced to me?

    • Hi Jasmine,

      From what you have said above I highly doubt you could be traced in any way! So long as the images you sent him aren’t already online somewhere else e.g. your tumblr or some other social network etc etc then they won’t be able to use reverse image searches either.

      I think you are perfectly ok.

      – Webmaster

  24. carlos

    Can these “creeps” hack you phone in any way???

    • No. Absolutely not! You are safe on that front.

  25. John

    I admit I have been chatting to people on it – but not in a creepy way. However I created a false username for discretion. But on signing in recently I added my contacts by mistake. ..will they now be able to see me as this other person if they are on kik? I am sweating over this.

    • Hi John, please accept my apologies for the delay in response.

      On the off chance you return to this page could you update this thread on what happened next? It might be of value to other visitors to this page.

      Hope everything worked out for you!


      • John

        No problem! I was a bit embarrassed by the thought of people seeing me with a different identity. I can only assume nobody got a notification or read it because I never heard anything about it. …which was a relief. I am still on kik but using my own name now!! Thanks for the reply.

  26. Jess

    I have this friend who I have known for years. First time we met (on an online game) he said he had another name and he showed me a picture of himself (I lied about my name too), then we talked for few months, then we stopped talking for two years. Then I thought why not come back on. So once I did my friend who I introduced him to said she had him on Skype, but he had a different name and picture. We started talking again and I thought I could trust him because he told me the first time we met he said he didn’t trust me as much so he lied about himself, so I told him my real name and added him on my real kik messenger.

    It’s been a while since then and we still talk on kik, but lately he has been asking a lot about myself like my friends, their ages, what I am doing (meaning I went away and he wanted to know what I was doing exactly, like the places I was going to), could he have pictures of myself. I thought why not so I he does know what one of my friends look like. He has showed me pictures of himself, like ‘selfies’ and all (might add he is very good looking). But yesterday and today he made me very suspicious, because we were joking and all, and the topic came up about adding my real friends into our conversation, but I asked about his friends, and he told me they’re all girls because he doesn’t get along with boys? Even though he’s showed me pictures of his friends (which are boys)? But he has been lying a lot too, like saying he was at a party with mates and he is drunk and all, but why would he message me the whole time?

    Today, he sent me a picture of a shirt he bought which was placed on his bed. It was very odd because his bed sheets looked completely different. Like I mentioned before, he took pictures of himself, but he had the occasional bed in the background, or he was sitting on his bed, and his bed sheets were plain grey and boring, but in this picture they looked like, well I’m gonna say a stereotype, but they looked like a 10 year olds bed sheets? They had patterns and weird looking shapes, but the whole bed was different shades of blue, it didn’t seem right.

    I am getting concerned because I don’t want him to blackmail me like you mentioned. I didn’t mention before that he is a very ‘dirty minded’ person, always asking for nudes, but in a joking way, he said I shouldn’t because I’m underage and all, thank god, but he does always joke about it. We have skyped before, but no cam involved because he said he was already skyping with his friend on another computer (he has a good voice though).

    Sorry for the very, very long story but I’m just wondering what I should do with this boy. He hasn’t asked to meet in person, he doesn’t seem like a very creepy person but I really want to make sure, because he could just try and get my full trust, and might ask one day to meet up? I’m not sure, what do you suppose, SORRY FOR THE LONG STORY I AM THINKING ABOUT EVERYTHING AT THE MOMENT

    • **Please note the standard site disclaimer posted in the comment three below this one.**

      Hello, please accept my apologies for the delay in response. And please don’t apologise for your long post – it, I’m sure, will be very beneficial for other people viewing this page to help them feel like they aren’t the only ones who have experienced strange people on Kik.

      If you still are having trouble and have suspicions about the images he is sending you then try running them through the website service mentioned in the article above called TinEye (or an alternative is to perform a Google Reverse Image Search – Google it if you need help finding it!) Once you put the images into the TinEye software it will let you know whether that image exists elsewhere on the web already. If so it is probably NOT his bedroom and is in fact a bedroom he had copied from an internet site.

      My advice then would be to ask yourself this: if he has continually lied to you and despite his apparent good looks and voice, is this someone you really want in your life? The answer to that is entirely up to you!

      All the best!


  27. My daughter and her friends use kik to chat. She called me in a panic tonight saying that some guy had said he is going to find her. I asked if she continued texting him and she said no. I looked at the conversation and that was all that was said. What should she do? Get another kik?

    • **Please note the standard site disclaimer posted in the comment two below this one.**

      I recommend she changes her username on Kik and only lets those people who are her friends know the new username. I’m sure by now you will have already done this though. Secondly, as said in the comment below – it might be worth finding out just how much this guy knows about your daughter. Furthermore, invite her to spend a bit of time making sure her Facebook privacy settings are set to private!

      All the best,


  28. Casey

    My 13 year old son keeps getting nasty messages and pics from a jennifer wood bb_humpz94. I blocked her and she contacted him again. She states she’s 24 before she said 22. It’s the same pics from before. What should I do?

    • **Please note the standard site disclaimer posted in the comment below this one.**

      Personally I suggest you invite your son to change his username on Kik and let only his friends know what the new username is. It sounds like this girl will continue to pester him otherwise. Also, it might be worth finding out just how much she knows about your son e.g. has he told her Facebook or Twitter details?

      Finally, encourage your son to check his Facebook privacy settings as this is a common way in which Kik Creeps tend to scrape information about people.

      Hope that helps and apologies for the delay in response.


    • Mason

      You’re sure it’s a Jennifer? I get those from a Jen Jenkins, Jenn Jemerson and Jenn Stafiej.

      • Mason

        It is the same profile pic as Jen Jenkins aka cherrijellybeans

  29. kickyrass

    Hi ..I started chatting this girl f/15 was normal at start.. but then she startdd telling she is feeling naughty and asked if u could share pics .. I was reluctant … bur after smtime she send some nude pics of her . I got comfortable ..then asked me for my no. So that she can call n talk. I gave my no. Then she replied back telling I will be investigated by FBI. Is it worst ??

    Plz reply

    • **Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The University Blogspot disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site.

      Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice.**

      I think it is very unlikely she will be reporting you to anyone. As mentioned earlier in this article creeps use blackmail as a form of coercion. Try not to let it panic you and take proactive measures to ensure this person cannot contact you again.

      Hope that helps!


    • Mason

      Who was it? What was her kik name?

    • Brittney

      Mine is almost the same thing! A guy told me that his dad works for FBI. He told me if I didn’t do what he want in 10 seconds he’ll find me. Which I knew he just wanted me to Sext each other! And I never done thr in my life! So I hurried up deleted my account and that was like 5 minutes ago… So I’m scared out of my mind!

  30. Jasmin

    I was on kik then this boy told me to send pics and if I didn’t he would use my profile pic to put on an inappropriate photo and post it all over the internet and I don’t know what to do?

    • Tell him he should do it and that hes a pussy. If he does it, contact the police. They’ll track him down by his phone or computer IP address. You can then sue him. If you’re under 18, you will automatically get rewarded for sending nude pics by getting reparation money from him (thousands). He will be charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, which is next to murder. Can be worse than murder actually; he’ll have to register as a sex offender for most to all of his life, he’ll never get a job again, locals will constantly harass him, and he’ll most likely commit suicide like most sex offenders do. Murderers get out and dont have to register as anything. So yeah, you’ll end this guy’s life by calling the police :)

  31. Randomgirl

    I’m panicking a little right now. I gave this guy my kik. He sent me a pic with him and his friend (and told me which one was him) and I sent a picture back. He said I was cute and that he was horny. Then he sent me a picture of his dick. I immediately blocked him and deactivated my account shortly after, but I’m worried he may have saved the picture I sent of my face. Or that he remembers my username and will try to find me on one of my online accounts.

  32. marv

    Help please! I think Iv been tricked by a creep. She added me on kik saying kik told her we have similar contacts or something. We had a few pleasant conversations and she gained my trust, she complimented me and sounded like a real person. My full name was on kik but i realized this and i took it off. I dont know if the person took note of this. She has my number. Eventually she sent pictures and we began to “sext”. This person was very convincing so she has a full body picture. I only realized i might have just ruined my life a day later, we were talking and something didint click. im in an emotinally vulnerable time in my life and this would have never have happened. I feel like a fool and I’m not sure if this is a real person or a creep. This can happen to college students too if you’re not careful. She talked to me about college and volunteer work and everything… I honestly think/thought this is a real person.

    Please help, should I see if this is a real person by following this blog? If its not a real person and the person ends up trying to blackmail me or follow me through internet sites what should I do then? Or should I immediately block the person even if I’m not sure? Have I ruined my life completely?
    I almost can’t believe there’s people who would do things like this… There are people who have turned to online dating sites with good intentions, you should make anarticle for a broader audience, make it known anyone could be scammed online.
    Have I honestly completely ruined my life?

  33. Some one is harrasing me on Kik and is saying that if I don’t give them pics then they will lock my phone and track me BC his dad is in the fbi

    • Change the guy’s messages so it makes it look like he’s threatening to end you and your family. After you do that take it to the cops and they’ll hunt the person down. This video shows you how to easily change kik messages to whatever you want. you can literally turn someone into a convictable sex offender in 1-2 minutes.

    • Brittney

      The same exact guy is doing it to me too!! I deleted my account though…

  34. scott

    my daughter is been harrassed by an anonymous account on kik. can anyone help me to find out were or how this account was made so i can get in touch with our local authorities to take action against this anonymous person??
    thank you

  35. Wilson

    My friend sent some pics to a guy she’d been getting to know on kik, and he seemed pretty nice from what she told me. Well after they’d been talking for awhile and became friends, she got a message saying she was part of a survey on how quickly teenage girls send nudes of themselves to strange men, and if she wants it to be not kept for statistics then she had to respond delete678— (forget the last few numbers) and she typed that back. He also said that the guy was just a robot and not a real person, and then after she replied to it it said, do wish all deleted? And she said yes. Then got a message back saying all will be deleted. Goodbye. ……what the heck? She’s erased the convo and blocked him but is she okay?

  36. Mason

    Hi I’m recieving nudity from people that are fake accounts on kik. Except they have a chat can account that they keep inviting me to. The usernames are Jennypops64, cherrijellybeans98, and jennysplash9. They are creeps but made up accounts. Please help and try to get kik to delete them if u can

  37. Anyomous

    I’m really scared. I was talking to a guy on kik and I sent him a pic of my boob. Idk if he save it or anything but I’m scared that this could affect me in highschool/college with getting scholarships and jobs. Can they look this stuff up if they want? Plz help I’m really worried!

    • Mason

      What was his kik name? I could try to find him and see what his true intentions are

  38. If you ever want to use kik to frame a creeper and get them sent to prison, change kik messenger messages yourself. The police are behind in this technology so you only need one phone to destroy someone’s life. If they compare the your phone and the creepers phone, ofcourse they’re going to discard the creepers messages. Kik the company does not store messages, neither does the phone company. Both the detective and prosecutor are only there to screw people as hard as they can and throw out any evidence that could show someone is innocent. Thats our justice system today.
    Learn how to change kik messages on youtube

  39. Sophie

    Isn’t this page kind of helping inexperienced creeps get more succesful in their little journeys?..

  40. aha

    Kik is mainly for sexting/hooking up no doubt about it. If you have a problem then that then it’s best if you don’t use the app at all. If you like sexting you gotta play it safe. BUT you have to accept the risk that your pics could be leaked or shown to people that you wouldn’t want to see. Don’t underestimate the google reverse image search! It weeds out 99% of the creeps. Don’t send photos unless they send it first. And don’t send more than what they send (if they send a dick pic you don’t have to send anything that shows your face). Also don’t be in a rush to send/ask for pics. You gotta draw out the conversation. Sometimes you gotta talk to them for a week before you can figure out if it’s safe to send pics or not. If they lose interest waiting that long then it’s their loss. Seeing nude people is fun and thrilling! But stay safe!

  41. Sara

    Someone is harassing me on kik and I’m kind of getting scared is there a way I can stop this without notifying the police

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  44. Tayl

    I’ve never sent nudes, but kik now has a new part where you can access other chatting apps through the app itself. I decided to try it out just to meet some new people, etc. I posted picture like the ones you take in a mirror but it wasn’t revealing. I had yoga pants on but that’s what I had worn that day. Anyways this guy messaged me and said if I didn’t send a full body pic he’d take my photos, edit them, and posted them on social media websites. He’s 16 too. He then said if I di he’d stop talking to me. So I did. But the picture I sent was one that I took in the bathroom of a sorting event. I dimmed the lightening to it made my fave appear gritty. And it wasn’t up close. I reported him but I doubt that’ll do anything. I’m just freaking out now.

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